Treatment and Trip Updates.

I have been MIA for the last two weeks, I know.


Im in Australia right now getting medical treatment.

It’s kicking my butt.

Not the funnest thing I have ever done. And I’m not sure why, but its got me beat. I thought I would breeze it and be fine. I had planned out what I would be doing in the afternoons and evenings, making the most of the time “off”. Let me show you what its REALLY been like..

First of all this. If you know what this is, I feel for you. I really do. Not the funnest day I have ever had..


We moved on from that and had a few days of this.. 



And a week looking like the undead. I even filtered this too. You couldn’t see me without it. #palefordays

And Yes that would be the bathroom wall behind me. It’s were I spend my life these days. 


Followed by a very exciting salad. REAL FOOD PEOPLE. Finally. * I am being honest when I say I was excited about this salad. It was a happy happy day.


And the rest of the time, it looks like this..

Yes. That is me. I am… reading..



 I know.


So life around here has been, well, not much, but a lot at the same time. I’m four days in with another six to go. I have a break this weekend for a few days and then we are back at it. Hoping it gets easier the next week.

A shout out, to my lovely mum who has been driving me everyday at some ridiculously early hour to get this done. She’s the best.

I’ll have more for you later, right now I’m going to go and continue napping reading..


New Little *Treatment-Updates* Wife

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