The 2016 Homemaking Olympics; Event One.

UPDATE: I’m in the middle of treatment right now & it’s kinda doing me in, So we are going to take a rain check on the homemaking olympics! Sorry!! Im hoping i can bring it back around later, but for now, I just can’t. To all the people who entered & emailed me, I have emailed you! Thanks to everyone! Sorry again!!


Here, at New Little Wife, We are holding the very FIRST Home Making Olympic Games!

If you missed the first post, head here and take a look to catch up!

Homemakers around the world will be competing again each other in thrilling events such as Laundry Folding, floor cleaning and beverage reheating!
Hold onto you seats guys, it’s about to get INTENSE!

So the very FIRST event in this years games is going to be….

Dishwasher Unpacking!


The Rules;

Contestants must start with a full dishwasher.

Contestants must unpack the dishwasher as speedily and nimbly as possible until everything is away.

That’s all. Easy huh!? 

So the next time you unpack your dishwasher, simply time yourself and send it to me for a chance to win!


For the prize, You can choose between a beautiful mug and plate from the pioneer woman range or some fun verse wall decals!

Make sure you record your time and email with your name, time & state to enter!

This even will be closed on April 13!

Good Luck!


New Little *T-H-O* Wife



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