ANNOUCEMENT: The First EVER Homemaking Olympics!

UPDATE: I’m in the middle of treatment right now & it’s kinda doing me in, So we are going to take a rain check on the homemaking olympics! Sorry!! Im hoping i can bring it back around later, but for now, I just can’t. To all the people who entered & emailed me, I have emailed you! Thanks to everyone! Sorry again!!


I have been working away at this for a few weeks! And it’s all set up! Yay!

This is the biggest and funnest thing I have EVER done on the blog. I know you’re all going to LOVE it.

Ok. So let’s get to it!

I hate doing my home chores. Things like unpacking my dishwasher, folding my laundry, vacuuming, making my bed, cleaning my kitchen, moping the floors and all that stuff.

It gets so.. boring.. doing it every day.

Don’t get me wrong, I do actually do it.. It makes me feel good once it’s done. It always looks cleaner and neater and I feel good about doing something.. But It’s not on my top 50 thing I love, not even on the top 1000.

You know all that stuff I just rattled off. We all do it. EVERYDAY. And we get pretty dang good at doing it, don’t we?

If some one were to ask what I excel at.. I would  possibly say managing to do more than a  weeks worth of cleaning in fifteen flat.

A close second would be creating that weeks worth of mess in another 15. Ha.

But we do this, daily. And we excel at it.

It’s almost like we are training for something…

So let’s.


Golden Podium Spotlight Background


I’m going to run an olympics games here, on the blog!!  

We do these things EVERY DAY!

So let’s make them fun and put all our training to good use!

I’m going to Host these “Olympic Games” here on the Blog, but don’t stress, there are no long jump events, hurdles or two miles runs.

Here are some of the Events;

Dishwasher unpacking – Contestants will compete as to who can unpack their dishwasher with the most dexterity & Speed.

Laundry folding – Contestants will compete as to who can fold their laundry pile quickest.

Car tidying – Contestants will compete as to who can find the most amount of water bottles, half eaten food and clothing articles in their car. *Mini van mum’s you have this one in the bag!

Bed making- Contestants will compete as to who can make their bed with the most speed & neatness.

Floor cleaning – Contestants will compete as to who can clean their floor, be that carpet, wood, tile, the fastest.

Beverage Re heating – Contestants will compete as to who can most re heat their cold and forgotten beverage before 12pm. *Those with newborns/young children I’m looking at you.

Clothing obstacle challenge – Constants will compete as to who can successfully maneuver around any children.   obstacles.. and put their clothes away with the most speed and agility. *Please, don’t hurt your kids. 

For the sake of time, I’m only going to pick THREE of these events. If you really want me to do them all, I can try. Or Maybe next year we can run more!

Each week I will announce what events we are doing, what the rules are and what the prizes will be.

Yes, there are prizes. And I’m jealous of the prize line up.

So far we have;

Some stunning new kitchen stuff from Pioneer Woman. .

A new Bible Journaling Marker set.

The new Kate Morton Book. It’s a all nighter. Honestly.


Children Under 10 can compete in their own category, Toy Tidying, And the winner will receive a coloring book!

Plus SO much more!

*Should a male win an event, they will be able to replace their flowery mug with something a little more manly;)

How do you enter & What are the rules? 

ANYONE CAN ENTER. So long as you have the required things, e.g. a dishwasher.

You don’t have to be married, a certain age, a female, or anything!

This is open to everyone, anywhere, any age;)

Once an event is opened, you can start entering!

Its simple;

1. Complete the event.

2. Send a picture of yourself doing the event With the following;

  •  Your First name
  • State you live in
  • Recorded time. *Don’t Forget that! It’s how you win! Continue reading to the bottom for the T&C!

3. Wait to see if you win!



Make sure you check back later this week for the very FIRST event!!

Subscribe to the blog via Email to get ALL the latest updates and news! Make sure you tell other about it too! The more the merrier!!

Limber up Y’all. It’s about to go DOWN!


New Little *Home-Making-Olympics* Wife



Terms & Conditions.

*You have one week to enter the event, but after that, it will be closed. I will post the CLOSING day and time when I OPEN the event

*You can enter AS MANY times as you like and try and beat your current times!

*I will announce the winners after the event has closed.

*If you win, your name and a photo of your choosing will be posted on this blog.

*For the sake of shipping, only people in the US, Canada & Aus will be able to get physcial Prizes. Sorry! If you enter & win, but DON’T come from one of these places, I will send you something electronically:)

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