Staycation. YAY.

We are fans of staycation weekends, big ones.

And the other weekend we had one. 

We started using up some gift cards at cold stone, which was delicious & then headed back for a movie night.

Saturday we had a big breakfast and then headed out for a picnic at one of our favorite places, after we went to a little coffee shop that just opened up, and headed home for a quiet night.

It was awesome! If you haven’t tried one, DO. Before you do though, read through some tips and ideas before planning!

These are our top tips for having a fun STAYCATION weekend. 

Make it simple. Don’t be running around doing a ton of things. Pick three or four small things for the weekend, and just do them. And pick things you both love, so that one person isn’t hating it the whole time! HAHA.

It dosent have to be fancy. Don’t think that you have to go out for dinner both nights and take a day trip to the city. You for sure can do that, but you can also just go for a nice coffee date and relax with some board games too!

Both of you Clear your WHOLE weekend. Make sure that both of you have cleared your whole weekend so that one of you dosent have to rush off to a meeting or work commitment during the weekend.

Its about quality time. So make sure you don’t take your work laptop along! Just relax and enjoying being together, however that looks!

Fun, cheap and different ideas for a staycation weekend;

*Have a Picnic

*Go for a bike ride around your city.

*Do a progressive lunch in your favorite part of town

*Have a board game night 

*Play the dollar store game and do some fun house decorating;)

*Camp out in you living room/backyard

*Use up some spare gift card/ loose change and have a treat day!

Has anyone had a staycation weekend before?! Got any more tips?!


New Little *Staycation* Wife

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