Some Sundays- The Follow Up.

I just wanted to jump on here and write a quick post about one of my latest posts, Some sundays.

The response I got from SO SO many people was overwhelming. I got messages and emails and comments all week from people saying that they were so encouraged and had so often felt the same way..

Sometimes, I post things about myself that are.. personal.. and hard.

Its scary sometimes, telling the world how your REALLY feel about something… and showing your life. The real, messy, everyday side of life we don’t always see… but when I get such a resounding yes, and such amazing responses, it keeps encouraging me to seek and say truth.


In ALL it’s forms. It ALL it’s messiness. It ALL it’s beauty. 

It encourages me to write about faith, about real issues we face, the stuff that hurts, and the stuff that heals.

And that is my prayer, everytime I type something.. Be it a post related to faith, a homemaking tip, a funny story, or my latest struggle.. that somewhere, in some small way, it helps to encourage you, makes you smile, makes you laugh.

That it helps you to see happiness and joy in the midst of your life, whatever your going through, where you are in it.

I hope it encourages you to keep growing in grace and truth.

I want to write and talk about the things that YOU all want and need to hear and talk about. So if there is anything you want posted about, on the blog or in private, anything you want to talk about, any questions or comments you have, please feel free to  comment below or email me at

I love hearing from you all, so please keep commenting away!

All for His glory,


New Little *Some-Sundays* Wife.

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