Everyday Favorites from Trader Joe’s for UNDER $7.

I am a Trader Joe’s fan.

Honestly, I have yet to meet someone who isnt.

I love SO many of there products and especially the prices they have going.

So today I wrote a list of my everyday favorites, things I love and buy pretty much every time I go.

It was a bit like picking a favorite book… Which is honestly impossible.. But here are the top..

Everyday Seasoning. 

I am honestly OBSESSED with this stuff. I smother it on everything. I have even been know to pack it for weekends away at conferences, in my back bag for the day, and even home to Aus. The love is big. Plus. Its $2. And makes everything taste divine. If you have never had it,Please, fix that this second.

Rice Pasta.

This pasta is awesome. It’s JUST rice and water. Nothing else. So its GF DF Vegan all the above. Its tastes good, easy to cook and like everything, ridiculously cheap. $1.99

Frozen Turkey Burgers. 

This is more of a new favourite, but Seth and I are big fans. They come for in a box, its just ground turkey, salt and rosemary. They are so SO handy.
The amount of times we have had homemade turkey burgers for dinner or seth has taken one last minute to work for lunch is.. defiantly pushing the high double digits. $2.99


They have such handy size bottles, from 300mls to 1.5 lts. And its .49c for the BIG one. No more $3 bottles for me.

Organic Blue Corn Chips.

We got these cause they sounded cool. And they are. They are delicious and fun. Seth a Mexican fan, and they make the best bottom for Mexican “hay stacks”.
Plus, we love color. $3.59

Organic Foursome Frozen Veggies.

This little bag of beauty is sanity saving.
Its there for you in the 6pm uninspired dinner quest and then 7 people that just showed up at your house.
Throw this little thing into some rice for a quick and yummy veggie fried rice, or into a little water and boil for five.
They are oragnic, fresh & is is literally 1.99 for a bag. Life complete.

Sunflower Seed butter.

Now, if you know our past issues with sunflower seed products,  You might be surprised that this is on the list. But it is. Because its good. Like SO good.

It tastes so so yummy, is an awesome source of protein, good fats and has low sugar. As someone who is not meant to eat peanut butter, this satisfies my cravings. That’s saying something. $4.99

The entire wine section.

Enough said.

Just The Cluster Granola.

This little box is Seth’s heaven. His eyes light up with I tell him I’m going to Trader Joes because he knows that I’m coming home with this…
Then I snack on it before he gets home. Ha. Kidding.
We buy multiples, so its all good;)

Harvest Blend Tea/Black Vanilla Cinnamon Tea

I am a tea hoarder. One day I may post a photo of my collection, but for now, ill just say it takes up more than a decent amount of space in my pantry.
These two, and a few others, and among the favs. And, unlike some teas, they are under $3 a box. Hurrah.
Thanks Joe for making my addiction affordable.

The Sauce section. 

I was going to name the sauces I love there, but there ended up being more than I thought. So the entire section it is!
They carry some every day ones like soy sauce and rice wine vinegar as well as the odder ones you need for THAT specific sin stir fry. All the ones I have got, and its been a few, I have loved.
These range, but most are about $3

Fresh Frozen Fish.

Trader Joes has a pretty decent range of fresh wild caught frozen fish. Plus, your can find smaller portions!
So many times I’m able to pick up a wild caught Cod fish fillet for the both of us for $4! It’s great. Plus they are SO handy to have stashed in your freezer.

Pound Plus Dark Chocolate.

Its a pound of heaven. For $5. What



My next list is going to be my favorite  Off Beat Trader Joes Items! So keep an eye our for it!

Are you a Trader Joe’s Lover? What are YOUR favorite things at Trader Joes?!

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