Some Sunday’s..

Some Sunday’s I don’t want to go to church. Gasp.

Yep. I said it.

And I’m not even talking about the ones where I am sick, have to work or away for some reason.

Im talking about the Sundays that I wake up and think..

Im too tired..

I had a falling out with THAT person and I don’t really want to see them..

I Just don’t really get anything out of it..

I dont really like the person giving the talk today..

I just need space..

Do you ever feel like that? When you just feel like you CANT.

Heres the funny thing.

The sunday’s I go, after having thought like these.. I am ALWAYS glad that I went. I come away feeling better.. Still maybe tired.. And sometimes a little more frazzled.. But better..

There is joy and a “special” kind of connecting in meeting with people. God knew what he was doing, as he always does, when He told us we needed to keep getting together and meeting with each other. Its good for us. 

It helps us to be able to care for one another. When you see people and talk to them, you are, obviously, better able to care for them. I know you can always meet with people for lunch or coffee, at play dates or chat with them over the phone, but sometimes sundays seem to be the only time we can connect with people. And it makes us connect with people we wouldn’t normally talk too. It makes us widen our gaze and our circle of people. And thats a good thing.

And most importantly, Its not about me.

And it never was.

When I start thinking I just feel.. And I don’t like.. I makes it all about me. And its not. At all. I become selfish and prideful when I make me thoughts and feelings more then that of God’s.

I go on sunday, not because I think I’m perfect, but because I’m NOT.

I don’t go to remember myself and MY good works. I go to remember Jesus, and HIS good works.

And I don’t go to point fingers at people, or make judgements, I go knowing we are ALL sinners. I got to look at MYSELF. Not others. 

I go to lay down myself, again. To lay down my past, my doubts, my demons, my sins.

And I remind myself.. Again and again.. Its about JESUS.

Only &  ALWAYS.  

Its not about me.

Its not even about you.

Its about HIM.

And sometimes, honestly, thats what makes me go on those Sunday’s.

I say  it to myself over and over again..

Its all about him. And its ALL for HIM.

Go on “those” Sunday’s. On the ones your find yourself struggling..

Go humbly. Go quietly. Go tired or down. Just go. However you are. And tell your all. Every doubt and fear, all your struggles and trials. He understands. He knows. And He Will help.

Just get your thoughts off yourself, off the person next to you and think about him. 



This beautiful picture is of the moment I committed to a life thats ALL for Him. 



New Little *Some-Sundays* Wife

2 thoughts on “Some Sunday’s..

  1. yep…100 percent. Jerusha and I were just having this conversation a week or so ago! God is so wonderful at looking after us.


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