Waiting for your mother?

It was a good day. Sunny. Bright.

I felt like I was doing well in my day, but one task loomed ahead.


Now, I love shopping there. But oh my stars its a workout for me.

I’m small…. and the carts & boxes are big.

And I live in an apartment.

Which means that after I have done several laps around the ware house, hauling the massive bags of rice and the box of 102 rolls of TP into my cart, I have to load it into my tiny Honda, and then, once home, haul it from my trunk to my house.. which is conveniently located at the BACK of the complex.

Im sweaty and tired and it takes me a while. 

I was pondering all this as I walked into the store. Forgetting to look for my card to show the lovely lady at the front.

So I pause.

She begins.

“Waiting for your mother?”

I look up, unsure if she was talking to the small child next to me.

She is starring straight at me.

“No”. I pause, a little surprised. “Sorry. Im just looking for my card.”

“Oh”. She is shocked. “You look so young”

She looks at my hands, as I hand her the card, which I have now found.

“Those are pretty rings. Are they special?”

She is staring at the three rings with diamonds in them, on my left hand, fourth finger. 

I look up. I little confused.

“I’m married”. I say, as I smile.

“Married! You look like your 12!”

I look at her. Not sure weather to take it as a compliment, or be offended that she clearly thinks that I haven’t even gone through puberty.


I smile. “Im 22.”

She makes a face like I have just told her she’s going to die.

“22. Really. Gosh. Well congratulations! How exciting for you!”

She makes a little comment about being newly wed.

“Oh,” I say… trying to not let my sass show. “I have been married over two years.”

She lifts her head with amazing speed to re asses me, looking at me as if surely this is impossible.

Then she looks around me.. Puzzled.

“Where are your children?”

I try to smile, smally annoyed at what she has implied. And confused at the fact that she gone from me being 12, to now meant to be having a plethora of children.

“Oh I don’t have any yet..” I say.

As I do my best good bye smile and walk into the store.

She watches me leave, still unsure, and shaking her head.

And I think to myself that I really need to stop wearing my hair in pigtails.


For those of you thinking about asking me when we plan to populate the earth with Tiny Tunnells, Here are my top responses:

*When people stop giving me the children’s menu. With crayons.

*Maybe one day I will, When I finally look like I have graduated from Elementary school.

*When people no longer comment on wether I “have my parents permission” to attend the activity.

*When people stop asking me if Im waiting for my mother. 


New Little *Young* Wife

I know so may other women who have/ have had this problem! Comment below with your funniest story!!


Me at a ridiculously young age.. and the face I still make when people ask if I’m in the fifth grade.. 

4 thoughts on “Waiting for your mother?

  1. I was 19 and working at a middle school as a teacher’s aide for special education.
    On my break, I had to make a phone call, so I went out to the yard.
    As I’m talking to my mother about one of my college courses, a yard duty approaches me.
    She doesn’t say a word, just holds out her hand and glares.
    I am very confused.
    I ask my mother to hold on, and turn to face the yard duty.
    “Yes?” I ask politely.
    “Phone,” She demands, pushing her hand closer to me.
    It takes me a moment to understand.
    “Oh, uh, I work here,” I finally respond, not sure if she’ll believe me.
    Her glare melts and she looks embarrassed.
    She apologizes, and then I get the ever-despised compliment.
    “You look so young! You’ll appreciate it when you’re older.”
    I’m 25 now, and I still don’t appreciate it.
    My husband (28) and I almost always get carded, even in Alberta, where the drinking age is 18.
    So at least I’m not alone. *eye roll*


    • Haha!! Man!! People are sassy huh!!
      I know! People say that to me all the time!! I don’t know at what age you begin to appreciate it.. But I feel like we still have a way to go!!


  2. Try having on braces when you birth your first child…and the nurse is so sure you’re 12, she puts him in the bassinet far away from the “unwed teen mother”. It gets worse, but now that you’ve jogged my memory, thanks for the inspiration. 😉 Ugh.


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