Farmers Markets

This year Seth & I are focusing on health, in all aspects. If you wanting to know more, check out this post, but today I’m going to be talking about our local famers markets.

We love are local farmers markets.


It makes me so happy to go.

And one of the things we are doing this year is trying to go there and get most, if not ALL of our food there.

Now of course there are some things that we might have to get at another store, like GF pasta or cleaning products I don’t make, but we are trying to shop mostly there. There are a few reasons why;

First. Im someone who likes people, incase you didn’t know;)

And I love chatting to them & making relationships. I love being able to chat to the people that have grown the food they are selling and can tell me when it was harvested, what the chicken ate or how come the carrots are so big.

It makes me try new things.

I find some of the crunchiest stuff at the famers markets. I do love it thought, because it makes me try new veggies and foods. Plus, they give me the BEST cooking tips and ideas. We recently have been eating the beet greens sauted in butter, lemon and a little salt. The farmer that sold me the beets told me to try it, and I’m SO glad he did! They are AMAZING. Really.

I love supporting small business. Its so important. I love seeing the families there selling there produce and hearing things from the kids about the vegetables they have and all.

All the produce is fresh, with no packaging or bagging. Most of what is there is organic with no sprays or anything, and if its not, it will say what it has been treated with so you know. Its super fresh and so SO colorful. I love it.

I find it helps me to stay on budget.

Not many vendors take cards at our markets, and i love it. I take my grocery money out in cash and to the markets, and thats ALL I have to spend. So I have to make sure that we have enough fruit, veggies, eggs ect for the whole week with whatever I have. I cant spend more, cause I don’t have it. And Im not tempted to get food I’m not meant to eat either. I find that since I can pick out whatever I want, and nothing it pre packaged, I can get exactly how much I want, with out wasting anything. And it usually ends up cheaper than stores!

It helps me to eat well.

We can only really eat seasonally when you shop at farmers markets, which at first i didn’t really like, but now I love it! Fist off, I might be nerdy, but I love seeing whats growing at what time of year and why. I find that I feel a little better when I’m eating that way. Plus, there are no sneaky packets of chips or chocolate bars in the next isle tempting me.

There is, however, delicious bright red strawberries and the most AMAZING apples.

I do most of my shopping in one trip. 

So i’ll get all my fresh stuff at the markets, all my pasta, any household stuff at trader joe’s every second week, and then Costco for the rest every second month. It means I only have to make the minimal amount of trips to get all my food! YAY.

I would, at some point, like to grow some of my own, just to see what farmers go through and that amazing way God has made creation to work.. but we all know how that went last time, so I’m holding off. Haha.

For now though, I’m so so happy with my markets.

Anyone else a farmers market lover?


New Little *Farmers-Markert* Wife

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