Daily Lists.

I make lists.


Its actually ridiculous.

I don’t know why I put half the stuff I do on them… Like do I NEED to remind myself to shower..

Actually.. upon second thought.. maybe I do..


More to the point. I have like 37 lists floating around the house. And each has much the same things on them. And I can never find them.

And Seth just laughs at me.

I have discovered something.

I was looking into that new thing of bullet journaling. It looked fun and organized and very pretty… People had pintrest pictures of their neat little journals with pens and flowers in the background.

It looked lovely.


Lets get real. The chances of me doing that, with those perfect pens, and a neat little book is slim to none.

Actually. It’s just none.

I did, however, MAJORLY edit the concept and come up with another idea.

I went to the dollar store and got a small notebook.

And now I write the date on the page and what I have to do.

Yes showering still sometimes appears. I get busy ok. Although Heaven help me, cause I don’t even have kids yet.

Anyway. Now all my daily lists stay IN ONE BOOK.

And whatever doesn’t get done, which is a lot, gets put onto the next days list with ease.

Its great. I love it. It makes life so simple.

So thats my newest simple homemaking hack.

Anyone got any other simple tips?!


New Little *Daily-List* Wife


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