The month of February.. And a load of Photos.

Is it just me or has February FLOWN by. I can’t believe its this late in the month already. It seems insane.

I thought I should tell you a little about whats been going on over in “The House” Since we got back from our travels ect.

We had a few more lovely days with my parents before they flew home. Sniff.

It was such a lovely few days though. We meet up with plenty of people. Had a good laugh with some of their old friends and even went out for coffee. ACTUAL coffee. Which was awesome.

But all too soon we were at LAX again. *Honestly. We almost LIVE at that place.*

And they were heading home.


The day they left was valentines day, So Seth and I had a romantic date…

In our car. With In-N-Out.

Coming back from LA

At 9pm.

Classy and hot. I know.

We rock it.

After they left, we hit full speed ahead into real life again. I actually went and got some food.. See previous post.. And we were back into it.

We had wedding showers and ping pong days. Plus some bridesmaid dress shopping, and a fun night with this girl thrown in for good measure..


This comment is for my Dad. Relax. The car was NOT moving when this photo was taken;)

This week, I also got to catch up with one of my good friends from high school! I know. SO difficult for me, due to all that ocean and stuff, to see MY high school friends.. But she was over, and we got to catch up! Which was super fun! 

She’s been making me laugh since I was 12, and monday was no different! It was fun to spend a nice night out at disney. With fireworks and all!!

In other news, super proud of this hunky man who has been doing such an amazing job at his new workplace.. And is going places!! SO well deserved!


So, life’s been.. Life.. this month.. There has been tears, and smiles, and a few tricky bits, some busy parts, quiet moments and a whole lotta grace.

Hows your February? 


New Little *Feb-Is-Flying* Wife

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