Homemaking Fails…

So, I haven’t updated you all on my many homemaking fails.

So just incase you thought I had it all perfect already, here are a few from the last few weeks;

Last week, Seth came into the living room while I was making breakfast, and had some comments on my laundry skills:

“Ah, Sharniie… ”  He begins.. “I don’t mind if you don’t match the socks or even if my sock is matched with your sock.. Or even if you didn’t get all the stains out or whatever….”

Thinking surely there was NO other domestic crime I could have committed after those three..

He continued to say.. “But please make sure they are at least DRY!!

I had forgotten to put the last load of laundry INTO the dryer.. And he wore wet socks all day.. Oops. Dang.

Later, I cleaned our room and realized we have been sleeping without pillow slips on out pillows for the better part of the last six weeks. Niiceeee.

Seth came home and walked into our bedroom and got super excited.. OK.. Don’t worry.. Its all PG people..

The source of his excitement..

“YOU MADE THE BED. I LOVE days when you make the bed!!”

I know babe, such a treat;)

Last week, after my parents went, I looked in the fridge and realized I only had some off milk and two cucumbers left.

Im not even sure what seth had -or could have had!- for breakfast that morning..

Totally on top of the food situation guys. CLEARLY.

Trust me, there are many more I could post… But I do need to keep SOME dignity. Ha.

Anyone else got any fails they would like to share?!

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