Names & Families and the very BEST Grandma.

You get that thought when you get to like numbers 1 & 2 and your reading all those names *and probably butchering the pronunciation* that there is.. a lot.

And kinda wondering what the point is.

Well, maybe this is just me. Ha.

But I realized, all over again, that this IS a family.

All those names, all those people, I am reading about GOD’S family.

About His children. His people. He is writing ALL these names down, as a history, something they can remember.

So they know were they came from. Who they are.

My very precious Grandma passed away last month.

She was… Amazing. No, really. When I think about that proverbs 31 woman, I think of her.

She was the most steadfast, the most beautiful, funniest, faithful woman.

She served and she loved.

Dearly. Faithfully. Beautifully. 

And she raised a family that is such a testimony of her love, her faithfulness, her goodness and grace.

She taught her children so amazingly about all these things. And they, in turn, me about them. And I, one day, hope to instill that same love, grace and faithfulness to mine.

You see, She has effected so many generations.

And she would never think she had.

She would quietly go about her serving, her love, in a soft way, not ever thinking about it.

Yet we saw. And we followed. And she said much more than any words could have.

Its such a blessing to know where you come from, isn’t it.

Its such a grounding thing to know who you are, were you come from. Who your family was, and what they did.

Proverbs is so right when it says that “Her children will rise up and call her blessed..” And we do, Grandma.

I have been so lucky to know her. To have her teach me.

And I look forward to talking with her more, very soon.

And Im happy. Really.

Because I know her very next moment will be spent with the King she lived and loved to served, so wonderfully, so beautifully.

And she will be happy.

And she will be blessed.



Next time you read those passages, put your family in there. And instead of reading them going into the land, read them going into the Kingdom of God.

“And from the family of Mansfield.. Dick & Edith. With their 4 children and their grandchildren and their great grandchildren also.. All these entered into the promised land…”


New Little *Grandma-Loving* Wife

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