Book Nook: A Time To Trilogy.




So, this is the very FIRST book nook post!

Yay. Im excited about this.

If your not sure what I’m talking about, head over here  and check out what we are doing!

So, todays book nook post is about this awesome trilogy!




Really. They are so so good.

They are written by a Sister in Christ, who out SO much thought and study into them before writing them.

They are SO thought provoking and just make you see Jesus, His disciples and the world time period in such a different way.

Its about the life and ministry of Jesus. The community and people who were around at the time. It written in a novel form, but based SO heavily on the gospels.
And you just are at the edge of your seat.. even though you know what happens on the end! Haha! The first one is A time to Hear, And then A time to See, And then A time to Speak.

Check them out for sure. And let me know what you think!

Anyone have any good suggestions for me?


New Little *Book-Nook* Wife

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