Book Nook: Cause I’m A Nerd.

I decided to add something else to this little blog… A book corner!

I announced last week that Im a book worm.. A big one. Like Nerd alert kinda book worm. And found out a lot of you guys are too. So I thought it would be nice to write a little bit about what we are reading, what books are good and the latest book news.

Its going to be fun!! Well, I might be the only one that thinks this.. Im going to enjoy it anyway! Haha!

The books will be a range of things, from fiction to marriage ones, bible based to real stories. I read everything really. So whatever I’m reading, and I like, will go up. I’m picky about how much, if any, “bad” stuff is in my books.. I’m not keen for tons of swearing or racy chapters, so you won’t find that, if thats what your looking for!

If you know any good please, please suggest away! I love recommendations!

Anyway! Welcome to the Book Nook! Enjoy!

Now back to my current novel.. πŸ˜‰


New Little *Book Nook* Wife





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