That Little Commandment..

I’m going to be honest here.

There is a commandment, one of the ten, that a break.

Almost daily.

I know you probably racing through your head reciting them, trying to pick which one.

Relax. I’m not killing people daily.

Its number 10.

Thou Shalt Not Covert. 

Or, in other words, Thou shalt not Crave.




Ouch. I do that.

And Man, it kinda sneaks up huh. You just catch yourself thinking..

If only I had what SHE HAS.

If I was only pretty/sporty/smart/more Godly/made more money then life would be better.

If only I had a partner that did THAT. Like Hers does.

If only I had his job. His house.

If only I had made other choices. I could be living THAT life.

Its hard, isn’t it?

Why? Why do we do that that? Cause we think it’s better. We think that what someone else has is/would be better than what GOD has given us.

What a slap in the face to God. No really.

How rude are we. How rude am I.

God blesses me so SO much, with everything I ACTUALLY need. And I have the HIDE to turn around and tell HIM I want something else.

I don’t think what HE has given me is good enough. Man. I gotta work on that. Anyone else?!

So, Why did He put it in there? I think its because He knows.

He knows when we compare, we lose Joy.

And we do, don’t we? We crave and desire away.

And then we lose joy in whats been give us.

Instead of being amazed at what blessings we have, instead of finding JOY and happiness is OUR lives that God has planned for US. We turn to our neighbors. And we WANT.

Lets not. Lets not compare. Lets not try and compete with others, or make life into a competition. Just stop.

Lets look at OUR lives. OUR blessings. OUR happiness. And see that we are blessed beyond measure.

Have JOY in what God has given us. And praise Him for it.

And then lets look at our neighbors lives and be HAPPY for them, and their blessings, Realizing that God blesses us ALL, in the ways we each need.


Every day. In every way.






New Little *No-To-Coveting* Wife



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