Dear 16 y/o me….

I saw this things the other day about writing a letter to your 16yo self and telling them a few things you wish you knew & giving them advice. I thought it would be a cool thing to try out.. So I sat down, reflected and came up with this…


Dear 16yo Self.

Hi. Its you. But six years from now. I just wanted to stop by and see how your going.
Well, I guess I know how you’re going, really. You’re doing great.

You’re going to look back on this time in your life with love & happiness.. But let me just say a few things..

Some things your not REALLY thinking about right now. Or things you just don’t know yet. Some you know and you wish you didnt, and others you know and your sticking too. Good for you.

I know life is a bit chaotic right now. There is love and life decisions. Theres sickness and heartache. And you just wanna change the world. Its hard, and crazy. And your loving life all at the same time.

Heres the first tip. Kindness matters. It REALLY does. The way you treat people says a lot. Be kind. To everyone. Really. EVERYONE.
Stop being selfish. Its not all about you. And it wont ever be. Just accept that. And move on.
Think about others and there feelings. They are Human too. And they feel and think and love and hate just as much as you.

So stop. And think. And then, Be kind. 

Just because you don’t understand something, someone or what they are going through dosent make it them wrong, bad or strange. Its just different. Learn that.
There will come a time in your life when you will get to that age or stage and feel the exact same way. Again. Be kind.

Don’t lose that little fire. That fun loving, crazy, spunky spirit you have. Don’t lose that. Its part of you. Use it for God. Use it to help others. Stay happy. Stay positive.

You are on the brink of it all. And about to make the BEST decision of your life. You will not regret it one bit. Its going to anchor you SO much.

Your going to experience the Love and Grace of God SO much more. And your going to be BLOWN away at Him. And His Son. Time after time. There is NOTHING like the forgives your going to feel when we come up out of that water.

You’ll know soon enough. It’s going to get you through some crazy thought times ahead.

Since we went there, yeah. Its not going to be easy these next few years. There are struggles, heart break and some pretty intense re thinking you have to go through.

Plus a bit of time were you’re lost in the woods.

But stick to what you know is true. And DO IT. You know whats right. Don’t convince yourself you dont. Oh you do. And you know it. So stick to your guns girls.

Stick with Jesus, and I promise you, you’ll come out better. A little changed, A little more humble, but better.

You have no idea whats waiting for you, 16yo self.

And Gods got a crazy big plan.

With some crazy big things you gonna be scared about.

But its GOOD. Its all Good.

You’ve Got this.

He’s Got This. Trust Him.


You at 22.


New Little *Dear-16yo-self* Wife


P4180147 copy.JPG

Me at 16 😉

If you could write to your 16yo self and tell them some things, what would they be?




2 thoughts on “Dear 16 y/o me….

  1. Not totally sure, but I’m pretty positive the 16 Year-old-you taught the 22 Year old me a thing or two when you and your brother were dancing to “california girls” by Katy Perry in the back seat of our car that *american* summer. I know that you haven’t forgotten that joy of the moment feeling! Thank you for that example.


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