Travels: Sedona, AZ.

My parents are in town, FYI. Which would be the explanation as to why its been so quiet on the blog.

Not, however, in my house.

Non stop insanity began the day they landed.

We had a crazy week with catching up, and an awesome bible study weekend at church, before heading out with them to Sedona, AZ.

Its my parents, my in-laws & the hubs and I.

It’s bliss.

For starters, we don’t all get to spend a lot of time together.
Other sides of the world and all that.

And also, Sedona is just stunning. Seriously.


Its been pretty chilly. Hence the snow. But so so pretty. The town is so very cute and the creation is just amazing.

Plus, the people go alright too;)


New Little *Sedona* Wife





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