I did something my mumma told me not too….

OK. So I got a little… Ahhhh.. Inspirated.. The other day..

I don’t know if it was the new hair, or the worship music I have been listening too, or even just a desire to be reminded daily..

But I drew on my walls.

In my bedroom.

In black marker.

I forgot to call my husband before it too.

Welcome to my Worship Wall..


Its a work in progress, and I know I’m not the best artist.. But I just LOVE it. I LOVE IT.

Its so nice to see it all the time.. And for God’s words to be there, right in front of me, when I wake up, or clean the room, or get ready for the day.

It reminds me daily of Who I am, and What I am meant to be doing.

And it’s such a good therapy! When Im feeling a bit overloaded or stressed. Sad or upset. Happy or joyful. I just grab the pen, put on some worship music or the bible and take it to God…

Just write and pray it out.

Its the way I refocus, reconnect and relight that little light.

The way this Martha stops and sits at the Feet of Her King.

And by the way, Seth came home and said he thought the wall looked too bare anyway;)


New Little *Wall-Writting* Wife





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