The Question Jesus Asks Us…

I was reading my favorite book the other day, And I noticed a note in my margin next to one of the verses.

It said Do I?

I was a little confused until I read what I had actually done.

The verse was John 21v15. And it goes like this..

“So when they had eaten breakfast, Jesus asks Simon Peter ” Simon, Son of John, Do you Love me more than these? He said. Yes Lord, You Know I love you! He said to him “Feed My lambs”

But I had changed it up a little, So It went like this..

Jesus asks Shoshannah, ” Sharniie, Do you Love me more than these? And She said. Yes Lord, You Know I love you! 

See, THIS, right there, In that little verse is the question our King asks us.


And He dosent just ask it once.. He asked THREE times. Three.

Now I know that this relates to Jesus’ death and Peter’s denial and many other things like that, but lets just strip it down.

Jesus is asking Us, EVERYONE of us, If we love him more than these?

More than anything.
More than our cars, our jobs, our house.
More than our children, our husbands, our family.
More than all our idols.

More than our lives.

Whats our answer? What do we say? Do we? Do we SHOW HIM? 

I love Peter. I do. I LOVE his Love for Jesus. His enthusiasm. And He just lays it out.

Oh Lord! Of course I do! You know that Jesus!

And every time Jesus asks, Peter responds with Yes Lord! YES!

And then Jesus says; Follow Me.

See, Jesus asks us not only to Love Him. And Love Him more than ALL else. He asks us to trust Him. Above anyone else.

And to Follow Him.

Even when its hard, Even when its tough, even when it seems crazy.

He asks us again and again if we love Him.

And He asks again and again to follow Him.

And Peter Did.

Till the end.

Gosh, I SO want to be there to see Jesus, In all His glory, Welcome Peter into Eternity.

To see the look on Peters face when he sees what he followed Jesus too. 

May we always say YES LORD.

And may we follow Him into Eternity.


New Little *YES-LORD* Wife



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