House Updates; Is it stupid that these things excite me?!

So. We haven’t don’t TONS to the house.. Like I mentioned earlier we are trying to work slowly on the house this year..

We will see how well we ACTUALLY do on that.


All these goals and things and I have done terribly.

And its only January 19th. Ha.

Anyway, So. Since we had most our stuff packed up so we could spray roaches.
Sorry. Side tracking AGAIN.


I’m starting a dance party over this fact. You have NO idea how happy this makes me.

Very. Very. Happy.

Well, anyway, I thought that it would be the perfect time to redo my pantry. So. I hunted around the house for some things to use and make it better.. And this is what I ended up with..



It has been added to since then.. And gotten a little more.. messy;)

But I JUST LOVE IT. It SO easy to find things. And so neat. And so SIMPLE. Plus. I had ALL the things in my house already. LOVE FREE MAKEOVERS!

It made me WAY to happy doing this.. Is that crazy?! Oh well. We all knew I was anyway.. 😉

The other thing I was WAY to excited about was these pretty things from Amazon. I got them for like $3 each.. I know right.

And our old ones were.. ah.. second hand and.. “well loved”…

So I livened up the lounge room with these pretty ones..

*Some of them still need pillows.. Haha. Im not THAT onto it..;)*

Kinda cute huh!? I got the Proverbs 31 one for my reading nook:)

Next up: Curtains & my word wall.. Keep an eye out. Its about to get fun!!


New Little *House-Updates* Wife

DO HOUSE MAKEOVERS MAKE YOU HAPPY? Or am I the only one.. Haha?!

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