So. I hacked off all my hair. Well, I didn’t.. and it wasn’t quite like that….

The story begins with my lovely Sister (Sister-In-Law really, but she’s a babe, and I claim her as my sister;)

She’s studying at Paul Mitchell the school. The hair & beauty place. She’s been there almost two years.. And she’s VERY good at what she does..

She’s into hair.

I am not.

My hair would be lucky to see a brush once a week. Don’t even ask about my washing habits.

Since she started, she has had this dream of cutting off all my hair. She kept telling me how cute it would look, and how I would do it more and how it would shape my face.

I pointed to my mattered bun and said nothing.. And thats what happened..

Until last night..

Last night I called and told her, In honour of her 21st birthday next week.. and to motivate her to graduate with a bang.. And to make her happy..

Well.. I told her she could go crazy…

And I let her at my locks..

I started with this.. photo-38 (1)

And then she cut off this….

photo-49 (1)

And twelve inches later… She did this..

I told you she was good!!

It feels AMAZING. I LOVE it already. Its SO light. And easy to do. I still have to get used to it a little bit.. But right now IM IN LOVE. 

photo-46 (1)


So. She’s happy. And Im happy. And the little kid who gets the wig made out of my hairs will be happy too. We all win.

Happy 21st Babyyyy. Love ya millions. 

photo-36 (1)


New Little *Chopped* Wife


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