State Side

Just dropping in to say I’m State side again.

Back in SoCal. Back to winter. And real life.

And back to this Hunk.


Just gonna brag on him a minute. I came home to a spotless.. like SPOTLESS house- He even cleaned the carpets!- All the laundry done, these beautiful flowers on my pillow as well as a barnes and nobles gift card. My word He’s good.


So, back into the real world. And dealing with this.


I did procrastinate something fierce. But I got around too it. And its mostly done & Put away.  I have re arranged my pantry too!! This might sounds crazy, but it makes me SO HAPPY.
We are also working on some others house project, which are going to be super exiting! Ill post all the photos and new ideas later!

I did have a little ahhh.. moment in the car yesterday. It was the first day I had driven since coming back. And it had me kinda… freaked out.

It wasn’t a great start when I got in the wrong side and was confused when I couldn’t find the wheel. Then it went to turning the windscreen wipers on EVERY TIME I tried to indicate. I also missed ALL the exits I wanted to take and ended up driving in a circle for 10 minutes.

And then finally I ended up on the wrong side of the road.

Like. I LITERALLY was on the wrong side.

Im alive and well. And No one died. *Praise the Lord!*

My face was in this position all day.




This year we are going to be crazy busy. So many adventures planned, starting with my parents coming out in two weeks!! I know. Exciting!

2016 is off to a cracking start, and I’m loving every second!

Whats your 2016 looking like so far? Any adventures planned?


New Little *State-Side* Wife



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