WA South Coast Adventures: Margaret River & Fremantle

If you missed the first few days of our adventures head here to catch up!

So after leaving Busselton we headed down south to Margaret River. Which was, probably, our most favorite place!
On the way down, we stopped in at a Cave. Now. For those who don’t know  me, this might not be a big thing. But, I am terrified of caves. Like. Loathe them. However, Seth wanted to go, and the guide assured me “Its not that far down, and not very long.. its actually quite open”.
Dunno were that guide was talking about but it sure wasn’t that cave. It was dark and small and VERY far down. And I got stuck behind very slow group of people on the single lane stair case trying to get out and almost died. Well. I didn’t. But I didn’t remain the calmest person in the world. SO unlike me.

The cave was actually beautiful. So amazing how these little rocks grow and form & how pretty they actually are.

After our caving adventures, we continued on to MR. The place we stayed was beautiful! A vintage hotel from the 1800’s and just SO victorian. Just Stunning.

We wandered around and shopped a little the first afternoon. The little town is super cute and quaint, and pretty alternative, which I love.

The next day was our winery day. MR is know for its amazing wines and little vineyards & we headed out to a few of them. We had the BEST time, and also discovered how much we LOVE little wineries. Haha. They are just so nice and relaxing and charming. How could you not love this..

We did check out a few chocolate places as well.. And just had to swing in to this place too.. Actually, we went there more than once;)


The rest of the days down there were spent at famers markets, wandering the little town and at the many good coffee shops. I’m sorry USA but you coffee ain’t got nothing compared to the coffee in Aus. Really.

Heading back up the coast we stopped in at a few more places and beaches before heading to Fremantle for our last night. Freo was awesome. We wander along the streets, stopped in at all the sights and just had an awesome day exploring. We found these really cool summer night food markets and walked down to have a look. They were awesome. And had this amazing coconut ice cream stall. It was bliss.

We did the markets, the walks and even met up with these lovelies for the afternoon.


Sadly, Like always, it went way way to fast.. and later that night headed back to Perth to fly out.
We loved every second & had the best time seeing old friends, making new ones and celebrating this lovely couple!!



New Little *South-Coast-Adventuering* Wife

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