New Year; New Goals


WOW. 2016 already. Were did 215 go?! Insane! We are in for a crazy, exciting and busy year this year. I can’t wait.

Like I did last year, this year I am also doing a theme. Last year I did fears. Overcoming them, facing them and just generally giving them up! It went well. I face porta-loos and caves and health problems and some other big ones;) This year, though, I hope to do WAY better!
My theme this year is Health. Here is the catch though. It’s health in ALL forms. What’s that mean?

Instead of just focusing on Physical health, which is important, I want to focus on health as a whole.
So I have written down all goals and ideas for each category of health. Here are a few:

Physical Actually sticking to my diet would be a good start. Ha. I do try and do pretty well, but when its holiday season I struggle.. So getting back on the band wagon with that will be awesome.
A close second would just be doing some kinda exercise or workout regularly. I do try, but I am pretty pathetic about making it a daily thing.
Lastly. Sleep & rest. Days and nights are busy, and I’m the person who does NOT do well with no sleep. So I need to make sure I get plenty.

Mental/ Emotional. This is a big one, and I feel like its often forgotten when talking about “Health”. Your mind is powerful and it effects your body and life in a HUGE way. So take care of yourself mentally.
This year I’m going to just take 30 mins every day to relax & destress. It doesn’t have to take a particular form, or be the same thing everyday, it may be reading or baking or walking or just listening to some music, but its for important, and I feel WAY better when I do it!
I need also to say No to the things I really CAN’T do and making sure I do a daily “brain dump” and get rid of all the days craziness. Shake it off Girl!

Spiritual. This year in my spiritual health I have some big goals. And I’m sure, only with God’s help, I can do them! Im going to make sure I do the “Daily Duo” which is read & pray.
No excuses & no skimping.
The other thing we are doing this year, hopefully together more than apart, is a set weekly bible study night. We do this often, need to make it more of a habit. So we picked a day, and thats that.

I think looking at Health as a whole is so important. It might be great to get physically healthy, but if your in a bad place, it won’t stick. So make sure, this year, you look after your WHOLE self. Not just the bits people can see.

If you would like to join me on my Whole Healthy Challenge, please do! I would love it! Make your own goals and your own categories & we can all do it together!

Here is to a happy & healthy new year!


New Little *New-Year-Goals* Wife

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