WA South Coast Adventures: Bunbury & Busselton

So after we headed out of Perth, our first stop was the little town of Bunbury.
The place we stayed was right on the beach. So stunning. We went for a morning walk, which was sunny & beautiful , and met up with Mat & Ari and their delicious little man Angus!


They have the coolest little markets there too, which we loved!! Should open some in the US! After coffee, shopping and an awesome dinner at Matt’s parents house, we headed off to Busselton the next morning..

We loved Busselton & had so many fun adventures there and in the surrounding areas. We headed to this cute little light house & took a little tour. The view from the top was amazing! It was super windy up there tho!

I am a massive lighthouse nerd. I just LOVE them! I could have stayed there for ages.. But we soon were off again.. We had nice walk around Dunsbrough & a walk along the beach before heading to the our little B&B for the night.
The next day we walked down the jetty, which is so awesome, and explored the town more. The jetty was super pretty.. although it was cloudy and a bit grey, it looked stunning!! And Man that thing is long! Haha.

We did go into a place called “The Old Butter Factory”. Which was.. Interesting..
We had been suggested to go there as its kinda a tourist place. We walked from our hotel, which was the first mistake, cause it was hot as hell and took forever.
Half dead of thirst and completely burnt we arrived to an old.. shed type thing which has a small little hand made sign which said “Old Butter Factory”.
Seth was more than a little certain it would be a waste of time, but I said we could have a peek in and just see if we wanted to do a tour, decided if we wanted to view any of it or whatever..
Mistake #2, as soon as you enter, The tour begins. And you have to pay on the spot. Guess we were doing after all!

We walked around a few rooms for a while, which reminded me greatly of my Grandfathers basement -Chock FULL of all nick nacks and random things- Before heading outside. The view outside was just stunning.


I know, It looks fake but its entirely real. The colors are just so bold!

We walked around a few little places outside, which were actually really neat!! The old school house was super cute and interesting.. And the little group homes they used to live in were actually really cool to walk around. Man, imagine living in those times. All the stuff in there was from the 1890’s on.
Kinda fun to walk around and see how it all used to be, and what went on back then.. although there are for sure some things that I loved about it, there are others I am glad we have changed.. Like communal toliets.. With newspaper for tp:P

That night we went out for dinner for our TWO YEAR wedding anniversary to this little place on the water called The Goose. If your in Busselton, go. Its simply stunning. We sat and watched the sun go down over the ocean while drinking wine and feasting on food. It was bliss.

*Side note; TWO YEARS. Can anyone even believe its been that long!!!! It has FLOWN by. Man. Its been just the best though. And I wouldn’t want to be on this fun crazy journey with anyone else!*

We were three days into the trip and LOVING it!!  Next up: we head further  down south to Margaret River and the wineries!


New Little *South-Coast-Adventuering* Wife

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