The Photo; An explanation.

So I posted this photo the other day of my living room…


And there was a fair few comments. So let me explain.

First on, Im not a terrible homemaker.. Haha!
Its been madness here. I leave for my trip home TODAY.. *Sorry. Lets just all pause and get excited!* And in amongst that there has been sickness and work and CYC activities and all the rest..  So yes, some of that is just plain mess.
The rest, however, is one of THE most exciting sights. Ever.

Why? Cause its all my kitchen good and party food in those boxes. I packed up EVERYTHING in my kitchen and pantry into those plastic tubs.

Remember how, long long long ago I told you all we had a massive roach problem? And I asked all my readers to give me advice and tips.

Well, None of them worked. Not one.

And our roach problem was at an all time high.

A few weeks ago was the final straw. I was making pasta, and boiling my water when FOUR cockroaches fell from the cupboard door I opened INTO my pasta pot.

Um. EW. After that, I was grossed out. And just DONE.

It was war.

And those little suckers were going DOWN.

So, all my stuff to strewn across my living room because we are FINALLY having someone come and kill them. ALL.TODAY.

Not ONE of those little babies is gonna be left once we are done. I told them to spray like a madman.
We had to pack up everything so they could come and spray, and while it was madness to add THAT to my ridiculous list for this week, I did.

And I am SO glad I did, because it means when I get home from my trip there will be NONE left.

And I will be able to boil my pasta in peace. Yay.

This little wife is happy happy happy!


New Little *Roach-Slaying* Wife






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