My Last Day at CJ’s.

So, I had my final day at Carls Jrn! No more burgers for me.

Crazy how time goes so quickly. Seems I just started there, but that was over 6 months ago! Insane.

I loved working there! Its filled with some of the funnest, nicest, most hardworking people you’ll find. Everyday was fun and different. Faced with new challenges but the same smiling faces.

I have so many fun memories from there:

Like the day I put flour all over my pants and turned them white, complete with full hand prints I gave myself on my butt! My co worker laughed SO hard.

Seeing theses stunning sunrises after an all night shift.

The time I got stuck in the dumpster on the one day it poured rain in SoCal.

The day I finally took someones order only in Spanish, and everyone cheered after I was done.
Or even the day we put on a party for my co worker.


photo-23 copy 6

All of us looking fine;)

Its been fun, crazy, and a good way to learn Spanish. Haha. Although I can only really talk about burgers, what comes on them.. and maybe a few numbers;)

Im so thankful for my lovely morning co workers, especially Deme & Victorio, who slowly taught me some Spanish words!
My manager, Pascy, for translating.. and laughing at my stupid jokes.
And of course my Little Salchicha for making my mornings oh so hilarious!
Im going to miss it for sure, and all those beautiful people. Ill be back annoying them when Im home from my travels. And whenever I feel the need to get some Crisscut fries… MmmMmm.

Its been awesome CJ’s.

 Muchas Gracias. Adios Amigos.


New Little *Carls-Jrn* Wife




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