Thoughts of Thankfulness

*So, last month, I shared my confession of the LOVE I have for Dollar Stores. And I said I had got a little journal from there for my Thoughts of Thankfulness Journal. Today, Im going to explain what this is!*

So, I have started a journal, called Thoughts of Thankfulness. It is just what it sounds, a journal filled with things I’m thankful for!
I try to, each day, sit down at the end of the day, and write down 4 things I am thankful for. Sometimes its simple things, and something I have very specific things on my mind. It is SO good and humbling to sit down and spend a few minutes thinking of ALL the good things God has blessed you with. Just makes ya wanna praise HIM!

After, I write down things/people/events that I want to pray for, that night. And I try to, again, choose 4. This can be anything, big or small. Sometimes I have very simple things, and sometimes there is some pretty big stuff on my heart! It helps in a few ways:

One: think about things/others before you pray so you can make sure to pray about more than just you, or the same things.

Two: date it and see what was answered and what was going on in your life in that period.

Three: help you to keep a regular prayer life. If you have a set time, routine of doing these, it help make sure you are praying!

Four: by thinking about it for a few minutes, and spending a set amount of time thinking and thanking God, helps us to keep focused and helps us destress, keep humble and keep it simple. Knowing that you have given it over to the one Person who can DO something is jus so freeing and peaceful!

After I have thought about and written out my thankfulness thought and prayer list, I pray. And tell God, first of all what I am thankful for and how amazing HE, and only HE, is. And then pray about my prayer points.

I try to spend a few minutes each night doing this little routine. And I have found it just SO beautiful. Even though its simple, its so amazing.

My little journal is not super pretty, or super complicated. But it works. And Im ALL for simplicity. It looks like this.

photo-23 copy 5

I invite you to join me and try this! You’ll love it.

If anyone already is doing something like this, comment and let us all know what your doing, when and how it going! Plus any tips you have! I would love to hear from you!! 


New Little *Thoughts-of-Thankfulness* Wife


One thought on “Thoughts of Thankfulness

  1. Great idea Sharnz!!! I wish I was as diligent as you are in the important things! 🙂
    BTW that journal looks like it comes from Vietnam….makes me think of all our wonderful brothers and sisters over there! 🙂 …makes me smile ….and think what an example they are!!
    Looking forward to hugging you soon!!!!!!!


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