Life Lately; November 2015.

Hello Lovers!

These past few weeks have been a pretty wild, you might have guessed that, due to my  by my lack of posting;)
Working two jobs, doing some fun stuff with our youth group, keeping up, wellllllllll *trying to keep up* my house and all that jazz had me beaaaattttt.
And I ended the week last week down and out with a virus. Joys.

But I am up and at ’em today, and trying like mad to catch up on everything before I leave for my trip next week.

You read that right.


Its crept up on me, for sure. But I’m SO excited. Mainly because I get to squeeze these DELICIOUS little people…

And also be in the STUNNERS wedding..

Gosh. Crazy FUN times ahead people!!

I better fill you in a little more about whats been going on in our lives lately, instead of posting crazy cute pictures of these babes. *this is the last one I promise ;)*

photo-23 copy 3

Seth has a new job. Today was his first day at his new company, He’s still doing plumbing and piping, just with another company. We are so super excited, and so blessed that God has given him this opportunity with this amazing company. It really was such a blessing!

Talking about jobs, I had my last day at Carls Jrn. Ill be talking about that later, but I just had to share a little story share…

It was 5:30am. I was freezing, and sick, and still had three hours to go on my all night shift. I was SO hungry. And tired.
Well, as I was going about cleaning and stocking, someone came up to my DT speaker. And ordered. They were muffled and I couldn’t really hear. As the little truck pulled to the window, I saw it was Seth. With a jacket, a hot water bottle and some food. Looking a little sleepy, but SO cute.
SO many points to him. What a move. BABE.
Made my shift go a lot better. And I had this smile on my face for the rest of the morning.

photo-23 copy 4.JPG

We also have some SUPER fun things coming up next year, so stay tuned;) Its gonna be one AWESOME year. Crazy to think we are planning 2016 already!!

Anyway, Thats a quick update of life the last few weeks!! Hope your month is going well so far!!

Until next time,


New Little *Life-Latley* Wife

P.S Im in search of a good day planner for 2016. I like day to a page, and not a million $$. If you know of one, give me a holler Girl!

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