Dollar Deals.

The other night, after a lovely Thai dinner date, Seth & I went to the Dollar tree, which was just a few stores down from the Thai place. And I discovered something…


We went a little… crazy. Ha. Everything is ACTUALLY a dollar. And they have some of the most random stuff, which makes it super fun. We always see what the craziest thing we can find it. Anyway, we had fun. And got a fair few things;)

I did discover that dollar stores are really good for a few things though. And I totally didn’t expect it!! Next time your near a Dollar Tree, check it out for these things:

Wall Decal/ Decorations: We picked up these sticky wall decal things for only $1 each! And they are AWESOME! They add a little bit of something to the bare walls we have, without being to much or to big. And if we don’t like them, they way they look or want to move them, we can just simply pull them off. None of the paint comes off either! Yay!! Winning.

photo-23 copy 2
They also have a TON of bible verse ones that are really pretty! We now have about 10 round our house. Heehee. I might even go back for more.
I also got some Fall decorations from there too!! So nice to add some colour around, and get a little seasonal, without breaking the budget.

Notebooks/Planners: I got a super cute, nice little bound journal for my Thankful Thoughts Journal. And another one for my bible study for only a dollar. They are really nice, such a good size and super cute, which is, you know, super important;)
Sometimes journals can be really expensive, and hard to find! So I was so happy when I found these ones! Now I know were to look:)

PuzzlesWe got this super cute little 500 piece puzzle of a little french town. Its super cute, little, and SO relaxing to do.
photo-23 copy

We have been enjoying just sitting down after dinner and working on it together for half an hour, chatting away and having some tea. So nice to spend some quite relaxing time together. And even better when the puzzles are only $1! Its our new date night thing to do!

I think I’m addicted to dollar stores now. Oops. Ha.

What is your favourite thing from the Dollar Store?


New Little *Dollar-Store-Addict* Wife

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