In Sickness..

So. I have been sick. Again. For those keeping track, this is my eight sickness this summer. Boo.
Anyway, needless to say that I’m getting good at being sick and still trying not to let the house go to chaos.

Sometimes I win. More often I loose.

But, when I follow a few of these little tips, It sure helps! So today, I’m going to talk about some little tips to help you when your not feeling super swell;

Slow cookers. These are like quite possibly the best things ever. Simply chop up some kind of vegetable, some kind of protein and some seasonings and dump it all in with a little broth. And cook for a few hours. Then go back to napping on the couch;) I also really like the because it means you can snack out of it while it cooks.. Haha. Not that I do that;)
You get to nap & no one starves. Its a win win. Really.
Note: I also have our local Thai Restaurant as one of my Favourites in my phone for when this doesn’t go so well.

Pyjamas ARE clothes. Who said they weren’t? No one. Thats who. This one is simple. PJ’s. Stay in them. All day. You save on doing laundry, your comfy, and girl, ya look HOT!
I would say that you should change them every two days, but totally your call.

Just the mains. And in Stages. Limit yourself to the absolutely essential things. And then do everthing in stages. I tend to do this anyway. Sick or well. Clean a little for 15 mins. Then nap for 20. Make a cup of tea and some food, then reward yourself by sitting down to read and relax. Clean the kitchen, then sit down and Pinterest for a few. Ya get your rest, and you manage to do the important things.

Anyone else got any other good tips?! Sharing is caring guys. Post them below!

And now, i’m off to take a nap. Haha.

No. But really….


New Little *In-Sickness* Wife

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