So. Last night I had little.. Meltdown
It came after the viewing of the form of my laundry pile, my ridiculously high mountain of dirty dishes, the state of the carpet, and a little glimpse at the bedroom. Which, after viewing, I shut the door, and flaked out on the couch in despair.

Its been a crazy busy week. And Seth and I have been working. A lot. Helping out at church. And just trying to get our many projects done.
Side note, Who else is a person that says “yes” to things they KNOW they just don’t have time for? Im not alone. Right. Gosh. I need to work on that. Apparently, in my mind, I have not 24 hours in a day, but 24 THOUSAND. In which I will accomplish all this “projects”. Moving on.

Anyway, as I fell rather dramatically on the couch, and wailed out my list, I realised.
Firstly, that my Husband in AMAZINGLY patience and loving. Since after this Emmy award winning performance, he calmly started working on the dishes. Bless his little cotton socks. BABE.

Second, I just have to ACCEPT  {oohhh, I don’t do swell with that word}  that, in this stage of life, which is also named chaos, that dishes in the sink, piles of laundry on EVERY bed, and perhaps a carpet that is strewn with unimaginable things is just life. And that’s OK. Its fine.

Right now we have bigger things going on. God is pointing us in a direction and giving us opportunities to serve and love him and his family in other ways. Sometimes, saying Yes to some things, means saying NO to others. I have to be OK with the fact that because I said yes to doing an extra shift, helping someone out or volunteering on other committee, that I say NO to the dishes, and they get left till tomorrow, or the laundry piles a little, or that my bathrooms gets cleaned another day.

So, enter, confessions of a working wife. Im going to start sharing confessions. Im a little worried to do this, so don’t judge me to hard! Ha.
And I encourage you to do that same. Lets all realise that we CANT do it all. We can’t. And THAT IS OK. That NO ONE has it all together, and NO ONES house/Life/World i clean & perfect. And they will ALL look very different depending on what stage of life we are in, and what God has called us to be doing right now.

So, here goes.

I’ll start.

#ConfessionsOfAWorkingWIfe :  I Sometimes Always, I have piles of laundry on the spare bed. Why? Cause to time I get to spend with my husband is MORE important then folding it. Plus, we can just grab is we get ready for work, easy access;)

#ConfessionsOfAWorkingWife; I know I should stick to a cleaning schedule, but I dont. I clean when I have time. And sometimes, its a while…….

#ConfessionsOfAWorkingWife: We get drive thru for dinner more often that I would like to admit. Sometimes at 10;30pm.

So, share yours. #ConfessionsOfAWorkingWife, #ConfessionsOfAWorkingWoman or #ConfessionsOfAWorkingMother. {And you don’t have to actuating be working “outside” the home. We ALL know that taking care of a house is a full time job! Ha.}

Lets help & encourage each other on this crazy journey. And, as my Mum told me, just yesterday. “Take it one day at a time”.


New Little *Confessions-Of-A-Working-Wife* Wife

P.S If you are wondering what happened, I sat on the couch, slathered on some oils, lay down for 20 mins and just breathed. Watched an episode of my current BBC show.  And then got back at it. Seth, quietly worked on. Man. I hit the jackpot with that one.

5 thoughts on “#ConfessionsOfAWorkingWife

  1. Haha sharn so true. We just got a desk in our room….little does he know it’s definitely not for Steve to study on…it’s my ‘spare room’ (we have none!) and is covered with washing! 😊


  2. I am SO glad you wrote this!! Just tonight I was wondering how on earth can I not keep a perfect house with only two people living in it?! The very thought of having little ones as well made me cringe. Its just what happens when you are both working and people often don’t know that eeeeveryone else does the exact same thing 🙂 u made my night!


  3. Umm…. spare bedrooms are MADE for laundry aren’t they?!! Do people actually think they’re for guests to sleep in? 😉


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