My One Item List….

I’m cutting down my to do list, to one thing.

Just one.

Everything else can wait. Nothing else matter. Not today, not tomorrow. Not Ever.

My one thing on my list?


Always. Ever day. In Every way.

If I do nothing else today, I WILL PRAISE HIM. The VERY first thing I will do is PRAISE HIM. The last thing I will do is PRAISE HIM.

I will praise my GOD today, tomorrow and every day. I will praise HIM, and HIM alone. I will praise him no matter my situation.

I WILL praise HIM.

And If your lost, or struggling. If your angry at Him. Or you feel ashamed. If you don’t know if He’s listening.

Tell Him. Talk to Him. Go to Him.

Take it.

Enter Heavens courts with your questions. Your worries. Your praise. Your thoughts. Bring your ALL before the Throne.

Whisper, shout, yell, cry, sob out, your pleas to The Father.

He Loves you. He Hears. He knows. And cares.

He may not answer the way you want, right then. But He has much better plans in store.Things you can’t even imagine. Things you only dream of. He is a good Father. 

And Then Praise Him.

Praise Him for His Love.

For His perfect plan.

Praise Him for your salvation.

Praise Him for His Goodness. For Him grace.

Praise Him for His Perfect Son.

Praise Him for giving you a hope.

Praise Him for letting you win. For forgiveness.

Praise Him because He is Good.


New Little *PRAISE-HIM* Wife.

“Praise Him Oh My Soul”

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