Poor Bub.

Well, there were a few sad things that happened this week.

Firstly, as a Garden update. There WAS one remanning survivor or my little garden. Now there are none.

I have killed the lemon tree.

photo 2 copy

We never even got one lemon 😦

So thats it, there is no garden life. Sob. Seth tactfully suggested doing cactus next time. Ha.

Then, later in the week, Our little fighting fish Bub died. We were sad to loose our first little pet. I am actually surprised he lasted this long really. He was tiny. And there was more than once I’m sure he didn’t get feed for about 2 weeks.

Since then, we have been talking about what to get next. Anyone have any ideas? -Keep in mind we live in an Condo-.

Did anyone have any pets when they were first married? 


New Little *Poor-Bub* Wife

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