Date Days

Gosh, I LOVE date days. Who dosent?! A whole day with the other half, doing fun things.. um YES.
Sadly, since we are both working so much, have new jobs and are saving for our trip, our date days have been few. Which is fine, thats the season of life we are in right now! But the other day a small miricle happened. WE BOTH HAD THE SAME DAY OFF.
Yes. I know EXCITING. Not only that, but  Seth did a job for a man who gave him a very fun “Tip’. Long story short, this man was ex Navy who volunteered at the USS MIDAY Museum, a place we had both always wanted to go, but never felt justified in going.
Well, Seth got chatting to him, found out all about his life and all the stories from “Back in the day”
* Yes, I am KEENLY aware I married my Dad!* And at the end, this lovely man gave him free tickets to go!! YAY. So our date day was born!

We had the BEST time, Its SO cool and super interesting! We loved looking around and listening to all the Ex Navy storied from the volunteers. Plus, look at all the sweet planes the flew off the back of the ship. Man, that thing is MASSIVE. you just don’t know how big until your on it, but it keeps going for DAYS. How did they not get LOST on it. I would have been hopeless, I tell you. I would be days late to everything and end up on the engine room.

Here I am in the ship jail all rowdy and stuff..

photo-23 copy

When you are up on the top of the ship, it kinda feels like you are in the clouds!!

photo 4-2

The the city back drop is so pretty.. You are just SO HIGH! So cool!!For anyone who goes down to SD, you should for sure go and visit this!!! Its SO cool.. And after, take a stroll to seaport village and go to the dinner there. There is and AWESOM greek place that has good food and views of the water and the city. SO PRETTY.

Pretty awesome day date, so nice to spend time together. Love my man.



New Little *Date-Days* Wife

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