Happy Birthday!

Well people, something that happened.


I just wanna take some time to say a massive THANKS to everyone who reads my crazy rambles! I love writing it and am so thankful for all of you who have followed along. And to those of you who comment and share your stories and tips, I love it!!! It so nice!!

So, In honour of this little celebration, Im going to do another GIVEAWAY!

Yep, thats right!! And the winner will win a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf gift card! Or if you live in AUS, A gift card too your local coffee shop! Im doing coffee shop gift cards because this is were I do most of my writing! Ha. Plus, its so nice to just go and take a small break somewhere to relax and refresh. Even if its only for a few moments.

Ill tell you how to enter below:

First, if you are on Facebook, head over to my page, like and share it! *You can find the link to it here!*

Then, please comment on the bottom of this post and tell me:

+what your FAVOURITE thing to do at a coffee shop is

+ And your favourite thing to order!

The winner will be choose in the usual way -pulled out of a hat!- And will be announced  Sep 30th!

Good luck to you all!! And Happy Birthday to the Blog!


New Little *Blog-Turns-ONE!* Wife

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