Trash: Update One

Welcome to our first update for our trash mission. *If you have no idea what Im talking about, head over here and see!*

Well, we have been trying to live trash-less for just over a week now, and its been.. hard. It takes a lot of thought at the moment. Im hoping that it as it become a habit, it gets easier! Haha. But we are still trying, and see how we go! Right now, I have found four easy things we are working on. Rather than just getting rid or every single, we have been focusing on these four.

This first is FOOD. America wastes 40% of the food it produces. FOURTY PERCENT goes unit, un cooked and in the trash. Really?!? Gosh. So. We are trying to cut back on our food waste.  Trying to use every last leftover and vegetable. There are a heap of meals you can make with leftovers, some of my favourites are soups, fried rice and even pasta with veggie thrown in. Its seems to be crazy one country can throw so much away while another staves. Its seems so insane. And I’m looking forward to a time when that will be fixed. But for now, lets cut back on this throw away culture and use only what we need, and use it all.

The next thing is simply getting rid of plastics. We have almost entirely got rid of all our plastic conatiners and switched to glass ones. The same with ziplock bags, I still have some for my freezer meals, but apart from that, we try to use glass. Glass water bottles, containers and cups. No only is it better for you and the world, its cheaper in the long run! Win Win.

We are also working on taking bags. Every where. So instead of using plastic ones, we take reusable one. And put or produce in them. I forget the semi regularly, and I get annoyed when I do, but I’m working on it! I did find a design for some material bags to put fresh produce in, which Im hoping to make! Ill let you know if I do. They will be very… basic.. My sewing skills are some what limited. Haha.

Lastly, Just doing the three R’s. Channeling Jack Johnson here. Ha. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Before I throw it away, thinking of these three things. Can I reuse it? Can I recycle it? Or even, do I need it/to buy it again? I feel like if we did this, we all would drastically reduce our waste.

So far, these are only small steps, but I’m hoping it gets easier, simpler and healthier. Gotta start somewhere huh?!

Anyone else got any other tips or ideas? And if you wanna take this challenge with me, its not to late! Comment below and we can go trash-less together!


New Little *Trash-Free* Wife

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