Newest Adventure: Jobs. Again.

I have a new job, again. One where I am in fact, with my lovely Mother In Law..

The Owner.

We have started a small business.

I know. Its all very exciting. 

So, what do we do? We are Home Assistants.
Let me explain. You know who sometimes you just need help. Help with cleaning, or planning an event, sometimes just help with errands or odd tasks. Well, that’s what we do. We help you. Help you in the every day small ways. For the little things, the things that seem small, but need to just “get done.”

We are just starting up and getting going, but so excited! I have never been in business.. Feeling all fancy now;)

Wish us good thoughts and prayers as we begin this fun adventure!


New Little *Businessing* Wife

P.S Is that even a word? Businessing? Oh well. It is now;)

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