Mission: Trash.

Trash. We seem to have tons of it. Like. Tons. More than I think two people should have. And I just don’t even know where it even comes from!?

Anyway, at our front door we have a “spot” where we put the trash to sit before someone takes it to the dumpster. It has been known to sit there for a while. Ha.

The other day, I had had it. I was just done with the massive pile of trash by the door.

All. The. Time.

And, I got to thinking. I started thinking about how much trash and rubbish and just “stuff” we throw away, every year, every month, every day.
And I was shocked, when for one day, I actually took notice. I noticed how quick the bin filled with papers, plastics and scraps, I noticed all the “packaging” of products and all the other “bits and pieces”. Its crazy. And its just not good. Not good for the earth, for animals, for us and for out minds to get into the habits of just using things and chucking them away.

So, I declared, to Seth, that we were going to go trash free.Β It sounds ridiculous. But, really, its not.
I did a little research and found a website of a woman who has actually done it. She went trash free!

Anyway, our new mission is to try an limit our trash, I don’t think we can quite get as little as she can, but we are going to try and reduce it, significantly.

We are going to try and recycle more, compose and buy reusable type things like glass jars, wooden or metal kitchenware, and make some of our own products. *I actually already do the last one, but sometimes I get lazy, and buy them. Ha.*

I will try and keep you updated along the way as we seek to slim down our trash.
Were going to just take it slow and make little changes, but hopefully, we will get there. We are excited to try it, and to see how it works. Im hoping to helps simplify our house a little too!

If anyone would like to take this challenge with me, let me know! Id love to have ideas and tips!


New Little *Trash-Free* Wife

2 thoughts on “Mission: Trash.

  1. Maybe go to the local council and campaign for extra rubbish bins, one for recycled stuff and one for green waste ……like lots of other advanced countries do!!!!! e.g., Australia!! πŸ™‚


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