What’s my name?

We have a cook at work, He’s super nice. And he teaches me Spanish… Useful words like mushroom, snot, chicken and the phrase “Its still cooking”. Well, of late, he has been calling me a name.

I first thought it was “girl”, but the more I listened, the more I knew it wasn’t… I googled it and didn’t find anything.. I asked my husband, who’s 9th grade spanish didnt seem to be able to translate it..
And finally just settled on the thought that it must not be toooo bad, since no one was telling him off.. Well today, He started calling me it again.. And I plucked up the courage to ask what he actually was saying..

He hasn’t got much english, and didn’t really know how to answer. Instead, he showed me.

Yes, He picked up a little sausage patty. “Pico” He says, and he points to the patty.

My name is “Little Sausage”


New Little *Little-Sausage* Wife

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