When ya Hub is sneaky!

So, I have to brag for one second. Not about me. But about my Hubs.

Two weeks ago, he totally won husband of the year. Let me tell you how.

As usual, we have been busy and I, once again, had been getting stellar headaches. Which I get from my way-too-tense- neck. We had been working a lot, the both of us, inside and outside the home. So, when I got my next day off, it was filled with errands. *Don’t you just love that?! I feel like my days off are sometimes busier than my “working” days!!*

Anyway, I went off, list and keys in hand, to tackle the first one. I got the car sorted, my trip to Target, TJ Max in and managed to grab a snack before I got a call from Seth. Apparently, he had left some kinda of wrench set at a job, and was calling to ask if  could pick it up. I said that I could, if he sent me the address. Although, I did have other errands to run, he asked if I could get there before 2 since ” the woman had to go to work after that’. So he sent the address and I went straight way.

Well, that address lead me into a plaza, So I called back to ask which shop he had worked at and which number suite was it. It was then he told me lied.

Lied. Straight to my face.. ( well, via phone)

He hadn’t left anything at all. He told me to park, get out, walk into the last store at the end of the row… And enjoy my hour long massage he had booked me…

Sneaky man. It was bliss though, not gonna lie. That woman has amazing hands.. I came out walking on air, so much more relax and feeling very loved!!

What a guy.


New Little *Husband-Loving* Wife

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