Cootie House.

Well, its been an interesting week here at The *Cootie* House. I have been sick with the flu.
Well, actually, thats a lie. Im not sure how, or that it was even possible *I know am KEENLY aware that it is* to get so many infections at once.

This last week I have had a sinus, throat & ear infection, a general cold and vertigo all at the same time. Its easier to just say the flu tho.. Or also, you could simply call it  DEATH.
Its been.. pretty… rubbish. And left me rather.. blah. But Im on the tail end of it now (Thanks be to God) And ready to get back into it.. after laying in bed for 5 days.
It sounds nice and relaxing. In reality it horrible, and sweaty and filled with far to much nasty stuff & too many tissues.
*Apologises to the 57 tress who’s lives a took this week via my 100,000 tissues. My sinuses thank you. Immensely*. Crazy how tired you get just from doing the laundry, or walking to the letterbox when you’re  sick. I literally took a nap after I got back from my rather adventurous excursion to the dumpster. Ha. Gosh.
Anyway, today will be spent cleaning the house and napping, as well as having several cups of tea. And finishing my book. Going to try and get back into it, slowly. Any suggestions on how to ease back into things? I normally just jump right in and go, but that never really ends well. Ever.
So if you have a special trick on how to get back on your feet, I would love to know!

With Love from The *Cootie* House,

New Little *Cooties* Wife

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