Miss to Mrs: Four tips to help you not go insane…

Welcome back to another post in this little series… If you missed the first few, head over here and catch up.

Today, we are going to have a chat about four little tips to help you not go insane. I dunno about you, but sometimes life gets crazy and we feel overwhelmed. And if your both working full time or studying or a bit of both, there never seems enough time to get everything done!
So here are four little tips to help you not go insane when you have one of “those” days or weeks.

Daily 15.
Set a timer, and clean for 15 mins everyday. Even if you don’t have time to fully clean, 15 mins is better than nothing, plus its amazing what you can get done in that time.

When you cook, cook.
Ha. This might seem a little strange, I’ll explain. Whenever you set about making dinner, make double. Some for the dinner & to freezer or for lunches. It cuts down your cooking time and nicer to just get it all done. I also like to prep. our lunches for the next day at the same time. We usually take leftovers or some kind of wrap/sandwich.

Keep a diary/to-do list
Write it down. All those appointments, dates, plans for the house, meal plans, to dos lists. Keep a diary or a place where you can scribble down numbers and shopping lists. So handy to get it all down, and it keeps you from going crazy trying to remember everything!

Do the daily three.
Even if you cant manage anything else. Do these three. Dishes, Dirty clothes & Bed. Make sure you dishes are away, you have a load of laundry going and the bed is made. Its amazing how much just that helps. Plus, some days even thats hard to get done. Haha.

Hope these help! If you have any other good tips, let me know!


New Little *Dont-Go-Insane* Wife

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