Well, this last week marks a crazy point in our lives… One that Seth & I were chatting about as we drove the rather windy trail to Idyllwild Bible School..

It was, this week, five year ago that we meet. There, amongst the pine trees and dirt, that we first chatted to each other. Although, Seth was actually a little rude the first time I met him! Haha! *Ill tell you about that later!* I guess at some point during the week we became kinda friends.. And now, five years on, we’re married! Guess I must have warmed up to him 😉

Here we are, way back when..

Seth and I

And now… All married and stuff.


Its been a crazy five years, and we have for sure had our highs and lows.. But I’m so glad I met him that week, and so glad he stuck with me;)

So heres to us, and our five years. May there be many MANY more to come.


New Little *Five-Years* Wife

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