Weary. Its a funny word isn’t it. I was thinking about this the other day as I was getting ready for work.

Gosh, Im just SO weary, I thought.

And, truthfully I was. We had had a hectic time with events going on, and people over, and new jobs and house things. And there had been not much time for anything really. Thats life, really.
And sometimes, in life, it can feel like we are the ONLY one doing anything. What I mean is that sometimes, it can seem like we are the only ones putting effort into work, or the church, or youth group, or taking care of people.

Sometimes, we are Elijah, telling God that ONLY we are left here. ONLY we are doing anything.
And, we grow weary. We get tired of putting in effort, when it seems like no one else is. We get frustrated and down. And it gets hard.

I thought more about this, as I walked to work. And began to grow.. tired. Weary. Down. Ever feel like that? When it just comes over you? All those crazy days, those many activities you volunteered to do and the day to day craziness all just catch up. And you just breathe out a massive, calming down breath. Well, It had me like that. These crazy thoughts of mine.

That is, until I sung a song. A song from when I was about five. It says this..

“Let us know grow weary in doing good, for in due season we shall reap, if we don’t lose heart.”

Its a vese. And its found in Galatians 6v9. And while its is simple. Its so SO uplifting. And has an awesome little promise in there that God makes to us. That even though things seem crazy and tough and wearisome.. we WILL reap.. if we don’t give up, if we keep fighting. There WILL be a day were all our “doing good” will be for something. And, while we don’t know when that exact season maybe be in our life, God does and we know it will come. Man, I LOVE Gods promises. There are so many, and sometimes they seems small, but they are there. And they are SO encouraging.

So if your weary, feeling alone or trying to keep going. Dig deep. Sing that verse and remember Gods promise.

In due season, we shall reap…

And, just like in the story of Elijah, you will find “7000” more people that are there to help you, on that same journey.

And, you will also hear that still small Voice, encouraging you on.

Don’t lose heart.


New Little *Weary* Wife

If you are wondering what song it is, its from a CD we had when I was younger, which is AWESOME. Its called Hide ’em in your heart by Steve Green. They are bible verses sung to songs for kids. Take a look here.

And this is the song. Man. LOVE it. 

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