Miss To Mrs: Little Ways To Save Money.

Welcome back to this series, If you haven’t been following along, feel free to go and read the first few posts over here.

Today, we are jumping right in and chatting about little ways to save money. Sounds so cliche, but as newlyweds, you don’t have a ton of cash. And I totally believe its the little day to day things that can help you save. These are the top five ideas and tips that have helped me:

1. Shop at thrift stores & Craigslist. We have gotten most everything from thrift stores & online used sites like craigslist. And we have got awesome stuff. Make sure you take a good look at it to make sure you not getting trash, but if you look, you always find awesome stuff!

2. Line dry, Line Dry, Line dry. But seriously. Your energy bill will be cut, and the earth will thank you for it. I got little pop up clothes lines at Walmart for like $15. They most a load each, and are awesome.

3. Make your own. Jump on the DIY band wang and make you own. I make my own cleaners and laundry soap as well some food products. Its way cheaper and ways healthier.

4. Sale Days. Have a snoop and see what days you local grocery  stores have there sale days. Example, every Wednesday Sprouts has “double flyer day”. Which means for that day, both last weeks and the new weeks sales are valid. Its awesome. You can shop the sales or pretty much ALL your fresh food!

5. Buy in bulk. If you can, buy in bulk. Its way cheaper and saves you making little trips al the time. Plus, when you buy in bulk, you pretty much always have some type of meal you can make.

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