He’s Gone.

I know, I have been TERRIBLY lax about posting. Im sorry. I promise Ill make it up to you. Forgive me?

Well, Jake left. *Sniff* We had an awesome time, filled with crazy adventures. Cause you know, that how we do 😉

We went bowling, to the beach several times {for those of you in Aus reading this, Its been a cool 30 all week.. Not bad 😉 }

photo-19 copy 11

I got my toes done one day and told him he could choose the colour. He choose YELLOW. BRIGHT yellow. Man. Bad move on my part. Although, I have had compliments! Ha. Who woulda thought?! We went to the markets, downtown and the mall. Plus, the boys made a fire in my little backyard and we roasted marshmallows. Fun times.

photo-19 copy 12

Sad to see him go, But as we were driving us, he informed us that he’s actually coming back, in January. And he’d looked at tickets.

Guess thats more notice than this time;)

Thanks for coming out Bud! Loved it. Come back.. Real soon.


New Little *He’s-Gone* Wife

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