The Brothers in town..

So, about saturday last week, my brother gave me a call. And it went something like this;

Hey, I’m coming to visit you!
Awesome, When?!?

And come he did!
Here are our happy faces.. 🙂

photo-19 copy 9

Ha. In reality it was really actually like this..


Its been a week, and we have packed in a ton! So far we have hit up La Holla, The beach, The San Diego Fair, Sea Port Village and a bit of the Wild Animal Park. We still have a few things to cross off the list, but we have two more weeks! It’s been awesome!

Here we are with our lovely friend Hanna, and a baby seal!

photo-19 copy 8

Crazy how time flies tho! I have been working a few days as well, so its been a bit of a mad (and messy!!) house here.. Although, That being said, our lovely visitor did clean it while I was at work one day, and also fixed our car.. I told him he can come back ANY time;)

Well, Its a nice 29 this morning so we are off down to the beach and our little favourite coffee shop!!

New Little *Bros-Comes-To-Visit* Wife

photo-19 copy 10

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