Let there be light…

It all started with the light in our bathroom.

And six months, two weeks of paint, celling repairs, electrical work and one very messy bathroom later we have a new one. Let me tell you the story.

Way back in december my parents came out to visit. It was then, at one of our MANY trips to Home Depot that I decided we needed a new light in our bathroom. Our light didn’t work real well, the cover had come off and the fan didn’t work, which made it kinda.. muggy. So we picked out a new one, one with a nice fan and nice looking style. And it sat in our room for FIVE months. You don’t want to rush these things, you know 😉

Well, things happened, and we finally set to work on getting it installed. Only to find out it would be a little more.. intense than we had first thought. Side note: Isn’t it always like this! I mean, home repairs and upgrades are NEVER easy and straight forward are they!? IF you have had a success story of a simple repair, please share. But I highly anticipate that there have been zip.

Moving on.

Since it was 103 times more involved, we ended up recruiting more people.. In the form of my Father in Law and Seth’s uncle. There was a few hours of work put in by these lovely men * THANKS A TON* and several more trips to Home Depot. Lucky we can walk there, I tell you! We finally got to the last stage, Painting and setting the light cover.

*Enter wife bragging*
So, It had taken a fair fews weeks to get this all done, and I was relaying to Seth my thoughts on the topic. We had been busy the past few days, and the bathroom still sat messy with things everywhere. I mean. All over. Well. Let me just say this. He is the sweetest. Ever.

I went to bed monday night, exhausted. He stayed up after he came home from work (he comes home late anyway!) And did ALL the priming and painting left to do and fitted the light. AND THEN in the morning woke up early at 5:30 before I did to clean it all up so that I would wake up and could have my bathroom again! WHAT A BABE! Man. He’s the best! Love that guy!

So. I would now like to show you our new light/fan! HURRAH.

photo 2

Also, On one of our *many* trips to home depot I got some new hallway lights too! They are so pretty!

photo 1

A big hurrah for home renovations.. And having a clean bathroom again!


New Little *Light-Loving* Wife

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